Midnight Meeting

    By Benjamin Barnes

    In the not-so-dark corner sat the crumpled youth. Frogs croaked loudly from where they’d never be found, post-rain. The streetlights looked on, completely unaffected by the bass notes fracturing wafts of smoke escaping youthful lungs in the nearby house. A blue sedan pulled up and the driver, a second youth, stepped out to inquire after the crumpled one.


    Letter to Corey WakelingEpistles at Dawn

    By Kent MacCarter

    This first entree into our Epistles poetry collection.



    By McKinley Valentine

    ‘You got a good eye, miss, you don’t mind me saying so. That’s a fine piece. The Oriole M4: classic design. Rosewood grip, clean bore. Small enough to hide in your underthings, excuse my crudeness, powerful enough to drop a horse. Anybody looks down the barrel o’ that girl, they won’t see nothin’ else ’til Judgement Day.’


    New Grub Street – Part II, Chapter 8'To the Winning Side'

    By George Gissing

    Of the acquaintances Yule had retained from his earlier years several were in the well-defined category of men with unpresentable wives. There was Hinks, for instance, whom, though in anger he spoke of him as a bore, Alfred held in some genuine regard. Hinks made perhaps a hundred a year out of a kind of writing which only certain publishers can get rid of and of this income he spent about a third on books.

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    Round-up: Listing a List of Lists

    Do you like lists? Lists are what the internet is all about and today we’ve made this list of listy goodness to stop you being listless…


    American Lush

    By Genevieve Buzo

    Oh yes, you’re having a great time. You’re drunk again.  You’re lying very still in the dark in a rented apartment in downtown New York City and suffering from all sorts of decadent ills. Summer in this romantic, filthy city is oppressive and congested but you endure it oddly, madly, feverishly even.


    New Grub Street – Part I, Chapter 7'Marian's Home'

    By George Gissing

    Three weeks after her return from the country – which took place a week later than that of Jasper Milvain – Marian Yule was working one afternoon at her usual place in the Museum Reading-room. It was three o’clock, and with the interval of half an hour at midday, when she went away for a cup of tea and a sandwich, she had been closely occupied since half-past nine.


    Round-up: Festivals, Rants and Reading

    By Lucy Faerber

    This week’s Round-Up is chockful of literary goodness. MWF, AWF podcasts, hashtag bookclubs — something for all ages.


    Agony Aunt: Shelf Snubbed

    By The Agony Aunt

    Dear Agony Aunt,


    My local bookshop isn’t getting behind my book, which I find really disappointing. I’ve approached them a couple of times and it’s still not on the shelf. How do I get their support?


    — Shelf Snubbed


    Blood and BoneExtract

    By Daniel Davis Wood

    ‘…the tale is made seamless by a tight structure and a hypnotic style that seems to owe something to the work of Gerald Murnane’ — Kerryn Goldsworthy, The Australian


    Brutus in Furs

    By Tayne Ephraim

    After one thousand years of sleep Brutus wakes in furs under a blood red moon in his high castle. His servant Halford carries the Count’s mahogany coffin to the high-vaulted antechamber and prepares a feast of pigeon gizzards and sour goat’s milk sauté with chilled owl’s blood to wash it down.


    Bankstown Hospital VitriolStories of Sydney

    By Samantha Hogg

    Another instalment from the Stories of Sydney collection. Anyone care for a visit to the hospital?

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    Luck and Trouble

    By Jane Jervis-Read

    I’m sorry Dora, I was asleep. I never would have done it to you if I was awake. This is what I told her. When she sleeps she isn’t there. I don’t feel a warm presence next to me. She doesn’t dream. She barely breathes. I remember pulling her into me when she wasn’t so cold to touch.

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    Late Night Library

    We’re excited to announce our program of Late Night Library events for City of Sydney. Join us at Haymarket Library for a lot of fun, creativity, and a spot of ranting, at the following free events:


    Wednesday 3 September, 8–9pm Got something to get off your chest? Then get up on that soapbox! Join professional ranters, writers and comedians as they tell us what they really think. Hosted by David Henley, who may have a few grievances of his own to share, and featuring Benjamin Law, Lauren Beukes, Alice Fraser and David Hunt. Book here.


    Watch Your Step

    By Laura McPhee-Browne

    Past 1am on a Toronto summer morning, the 501 streetcar stopped at Queen and Ossington.

    ‘Watch your step!’ the streetcar driver bawled, exposing square buttery teeth as he watched a man step down into the street.


    Also happening: